Career Profile

I am a master’s student in biomedical engineering at Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. My research interests have revolved about image acquisition and analysis. I have experience designing, building, and using custom optical microscopes. More recently, I have dedicated myself to deep learning based light field rendering and simultaneous volumetric imaging.


Research intern

ICFO, Barcelona

I worked for the MesoBrain project on image acquisition of 3D neural cultures. Designed and built an inverted Single Plane Illumination microscope with an electrically tunable lens. Also performed optical analysis of synthetic scaffolds for the cultures.

Research and Teaching Assistant

2016 - present
Universidad de los Andes, Bogota

I have worked in research projects under the direction of Professor Pablo Arbelaez. I have taught Biostatistics at undergraduate level.


Light Field Light Sheet Microscopy - A device for simultaneous 3D imaging of microscopic biological samples.
Calcium imaging under an iSPIM with an ETL - A device for rapid imaging of calcium dynamics in neural populations along large volumes.
Simple, Low-Cost Bayesian Super Resolution Microscopy - A simple method to obtain SR reconstructions using open software and off-the-shelf hardware
Use of Antibodies in Immunofluorescence - A laboratory handbook for the use of antibodies in fluorescence microscopy


Light-sheet enhanced resolution of light field microscopy for rapid imaging of large volumes
Jorge Madrid-Wolff, Diego Castro, Pablo Arbelaez, Manu Forero-Shelton
SPIE Photonics West, 2018
Light Sheet Illumination can enhance the resolution of Light Field microscopy
Jore Madrid-Wolff, Diego Castro, Nicolas Barbosa-Berrio, Omar E. Olarte, Manu Forero-Shelton
10th Anniversary Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Conference
Simple, Low-Cost Bayesian Super Resolution Microscopy
Jorge Madrid-Wolff, Joel I. Klahr, John Mario Gonzalez, Manu Forero-Shelton
Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, 2016

Skills & Proficiency